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OCD Moving Services provides commercial, heavy-duty packing materials to clients for whom we offer professional packing services. Additionally, we use specific boxes for specific items. For example, we use “dish packs,” which are boxes made to protect glass, China, and other fragile items. Our Oakland movers also use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. For customers who are transporting art and other framed pieces, we have small, medium, large, and extra-large specially constructed cartons. If you are moving a TV or computer screen, we have specialty boxes for that as well. We can also provide boxes that fit lamps and a variety of other household items.


OCD Moving Services in Oakland also provides items such as:

  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Paper padding
  • Markers for labeling
  • Mattress and box spring covers specially designed to allow for breathing and keeping moisture and dirt out

Floor runners help with creating a non-slip surface on hardwood floors and other hard surfaces. Additionally, floor runners protect the flooring underneath from dings, chips, scratches, and dents that can happen during a move. By using floor runners, OCD Moving Services makes your move safe and hassle-free. If you’re living in an apartment or renting a house, floor runners are especially important. You don’t want to risk not getting your deposit back for a ding resulting from your home move.


We once padded a 9×5 feet armoire, and our customer asked us why we did it. The customer told us the armoire was junk and not worth protecting. However, we were not padding the armoire to protect it. The padding on the armoire was to protect every surface around the home. Our Oakland moving team was maneuvering the armoire throughout the house, and we didn’t want to damage any walls. We use moving blankets in many different ways. There may be a delicate piece of furniture that you can’t carry but need to move through a hallway. In that case, we would put the moving blanket down to maneuver the armoire throughout the room safely.

    Very happy with this company they arrived on time and from start to finish they handled everything with care.
    - Gerald B.
    First time getting movers to help move stuff and this company set the bar high.  The process from requesting a quote to the day of the move was smooth. I will definitely be a returning customer.
    - Joyce D.
    The moving team members arrived on time to pack and move my personal and household effects and arrived ahead of schedule to off load at the destination.
    - Jimmy P.
    We had a great experience with OCD Movers in our recent move to a new home in Marin.
    - Liz K.
    Five Stars for OCD Movers!
    - Brenda S.

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Protecting Your Property


Carpet shield comes in a role and looks much like the shrinkwrap we use. However, the carpet shield has a sticky side that sticks to the carpet and leaves no residue when removed. Using carpet shield keeps the carpet clean and provides a safe path of travel for professional movers traveling across the carpet. Utilizing a carpet shield is especially important when you’re moving out of a rental house or apartment. The less damage you do to the floors and carpet, the more of your security deposit you will get back. 


Neoprene floor runners do not work well on carpet. The neoprene floor runners bunch up, making it dangerous for the movers to carry heavy items across. 


We use moving blankets for a variety of things when helping customers with their home or commercial moves. One of the main benefits of using moving blankets is they protect furniture while on the moving truck. Other moving blankets are used to protect your floors, door jams, and walls. Truck packers use moving blankets to stuff into empty spots in the truck. Packing in open spaces on the truck makes the load more secure. Additionally, eliminating any space makes it less likely for fragile items to shift during transport. 


The moving blankets you see us using in your home is only half of what we use on the truck. Moving blankets are our most-used item when planning home moves and commercial moves. We like to keep our moving blankets clean, so we wash them every 30 to 60 days. See, we told you we were OCD about moving!


Moving dollies come in a wide variety and have many different uses. We use 4-wheel dollies to move items a long distance, like through long hallways in apartment buildings. Additionally, we use moving dollies to move heavy items that we can roll on a flat surface to the truck. We use two-wheel dollies for appliances, safes, and other large items. We at OCD do not use hand trucks in homes unless necessary because they cause many damages to the home. Our team prefers to hand-carry almost everything! Sliding that metal blade under boxes on flooring is sure to cause harm. Our goal is to prevent damage at all costs, so we keep our moves as safe as possible. We have years of practice maneuvering through awkward spaces and lifting heavy objects. Our experience has equipped us with the tools necessary to execute any home move. 


There isn’t a place that’s too high or too low for OCD Moving Services to go. We will move anyone just about anywhere! If you’re moving into an apartment, we know how to maneuver small spaces. Additionally, if you’re moving into a new large home, we know how to shift that as well. Our team has years of experience moving people in and out of homes. We’ve helped more than 5,000 people with their home move. If you’re moving across the country, our team can help you plan and execute that move. Alternatively, if you’re moving across town, we can help you with that too.

Additionally, if you’re a business owner, we have experience in commercial moving in the Bay Area. We can move you out of your small office, or into a large corporation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company or a huge company, we can help. 

Piano Moving SUPPLIES

One thing that people often have to move, and is hard to move, are pianos. At OCD Moving Services, moving pianos is one of our specialties. When customers hire us to move a piano, we come equipped with the right supplies. To move a piano, we use something called a piano skid.

Additionally, we use a heavy-duty 4-wheel dolly to maneuver the piano skid. We use piano skids for moving pianos, including up and down the stairs. The piano skid contains a secure base, and straps are attached to the skid and the keyboard. Once the straps are connected, we place the piano on the dolly. The straps and rope are also used as grips to lift and move the piano.


Moving a grand piano into a different room or new house isn’t easy. It’s not the same as moving other pieces of furniture. Pianos have keys, pedals, wires, and other components that will be a considerable burden to replace if broken. Additionally, pianos also weigh between several hundred to a thousand pounds. If you try moving a piano by yourself, there’s a high risk of injury if not moved properly. The best way to ensure your piano gets where it’s supposed to go is to hire OCD Moving Services. We have the equipment and experience necessary to move your piano carefully.


OCD Moving Services has been in the business of moving and packing for over five years. In that relatively short time, we’ve helped more than 5,000 customers with home and commercial moves. Our years of experience has given us the necessary tools and equipment to make any property move a success. The problem most people come across when trying to execute the move on their own is packing supplies. It can be expensive trying to accumulate all of the packing supplies you need for the move. You also run the risk of purchasing too few or too many supplies. OCD Moving Services has been in the business for years, so we know what you need. Call us today for a free quote.

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