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How To Pack Your Bedroom For A Local Move

Packing up your bedroom is one of the toughest tasks when preparing for a local move. You can hire a trusted Bay Area moving company to pack up your bedroom for you. However, if you want to pack it up yourself, it’s helpful to have some tips in your back pocket. When packing your bedrooms for a local move, start by sorting and packing your least used rooms first. Rooms you use the least may include guest rooms or spare rooms. Once these rooms are packed, they can also serve as a storage room for boxes and dismantled furniture. Below, we offer tips to help you stay organized when moving your bedroom. If you prefer to have a moving services company do the packing for you, consider OCD Moving Services. With more than five years of experience with Bay Area moves, we are a top-rated moving company in Northern California.


Before packing your bedroom, sort through your stuff, so you don’t move things you don’t need. If there are items in your closet you never really use, toss them or donate them. Throwing unwanted items will not only save you packing time, but it’ll also save you money, too. The less stuff you have to move, the less money it will cost. If you’re moving to another city, it will be considerably less expensive move to transport fewer items.


We often forget just how much stuff we have in our closet when preparing for a local move. Packing a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories can take much time. Also, you will still need clothes while you’re preparing for your local move. Moving provides the best excuse to sort through your closet and toss or donate what you don’t wear anymore. You should leave out enough clothes to get you through the rest of your move. Typically, the clothes you will take out will be the ones you wear most often. Then, sort through what’s left in your closet and determine if you want to take them with you. It’s amazing how things tend to collect and become disorganized in your closet. Don’t take your disorganization with you; clear out before you move out.


Moving bedroom furniture will require a little extra attention. Most furniture pieces too large to pack in a box. Before you move, prepare the furniture pieces that require disassembly first. Furniture disassembly will take the most time. As your disassembling your furniture, make sure not to lose any critical parts. Place your small assembly items in bags and tape them to the underside of larger furniture pieces.

Additionally, if there’s any part of the furniture that you can pack, do it. Remove cushions and pillows and place them in clear, plastic garbage bags. Also, make sure to wrap and protect any valuable pieces. It’s a smart idea to use blankets to wrap around furniture pieces you don’t want to get damaged. Use packing tape to keep the sheet secure. Your local moving company will know how to load furniture onto the truck.


It’s always a little challenging moving with kids. Depending on their age, many children will not want to leave their home and schools behind. Children are typically hesitant to move and may be scared. You can help your children adjust to the changes by involving them in the move. One of the ways to engage your children in the move is to have them pack their bedrooms. You can help your children pack up their rooms by going sorting through their stuff with them. Children will typically be more hesitant to let go of things than adults. Because there’s so much change happening with your local move, they will want to keep as much as they can. Take time to go through their bedroom with them and help them decide what to keep. For the items they want to give away, they can help you organize a garage sale. 


When packing your mattress, make sure your bed is adequately protected and moved with care. Your trusted local moving company will make sure they transport all of your belongings with care. However, it’s essential for you to prepare your mattress, so it gets transported safely. To protect your bed, consider wrapping it in a specially sized mattress bag. Make sure to tape down any extra plastic. 


Lamps seem easy enough to move. You may be wrong, depending on the type of lamp you have. Lamps can be extremely fragile and sensitive to bumps and breaks. There are specific steps you can take to ensure your bedroom lamps survive your local move. To pack lamps, you’re better off buying 100 percent recyclable moving boxes from your trusted moving company. OCD Moving Services has boxes that fit lamps. You can select boxes that are the right size and shape. Before you purchase the boxes, measure all of the lamps you have first. Make sure you are buying boxes that will accommodate your tallest lamp. Once you’re ready to pack the lamps, pack each part of the lamp separately. Remove the bulb and lamp shade before packing. You can wrap the cord around the lamp’s base and secure it. Avoid packing tape since it may damage the lamp.


The lamp itself can be susceptible to damage during moves, but the lampshade is even more fragile. Make sure to take extra care when packing the lampshades. Purchasing moving boxes from your trusted Bay Area moving company will also be helpful in this case. If the box is bigger than the shade, make sure to line it with packing paper or towels. If the shade fits perfectly, there’s no need to add cushioning.


Are you planning a local or long-distance Bay Area move soon? OCD Moving Services is your top-rated home moving services company in Northern California. We have over five years of experience executing local and long-distance moves for our clients. If you want help packing up your kitchen, we can do that for you. Our goal is to make your move as seamless as possible. Moving should be an exciting experience, and we want to make it as easy for you as we can. We are a full-service moving company that can help you with all your moving needs. Our customer satisfaction rate sets us apart from any other local moving company in Northern California. We know the challenges of planning a local move, and we’re here to help. Call OCD Moving Services today for a free quote!

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