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7 Tips for Finding a Reliable Mover

Finally, you have bought that property you had been eyeing for a long time and all formalities are completed with respect to the transaction. You are ready to move in, curiously feeling excited and a little scared too. Will all your valuable possessions land safely in the new house? What if the process of moving leaves behind a damaged rental property? Who will cover the damages to your belongings while in transit, if any? It is natural to have such questions and concerns while moving out or changing your home or workplace location. Finding a reliable mover can be quite a daunting task. However, you can avoid the most unpleasant scenarios concerning moving home with a bit of research and awareness. 

Let us look at some specific tips and feelers for you to consider when selecting a packing and moving company. Give these following factors some thought and be successful in choosing a good, reputable mover for you!


We do a little research on all products we buy beforehand, don’t we? Why shouldn’t this apply to moving companies too? Simple steps like undertaking an internet search and asking around for referrals go a long way in finding that perfectly reliable and capable moving company. 

You must definitely be having friends and acquaintances who sought the services of movers, too, at some point. Seek their opinion and see if any names consistently pop up as being good service providers. 

Similarly, look up consumer reviews and ‘satisfied customer’ comments on the internet. 


Clear and to-the-point communication is critical in finding a reliable moving company. Once you have zeroed in on several movers, you need to call them over for estimations and assess the quantity and nature of the goods transported. The mover will give you an approximate value of the amount charged based on this initial assessment. 

At this stage, it is very important to state facts like your destination, how you would like the goods packed, any special requests you might be having. For instance, could they help you dispose of unwanted furniture? Unambiguous and concise communication goes a long way in letting the moving company know precisely what you need and expect of them.


By paying attention to certain specifics of how your prospective moving company and its individuals handle the initial assessment, you can identify a reliable mover from an unprofessional one.

Firstly, always look out for those seeking initial cash deposits, particularly a large sum. A professional definitely will not do so. This sure is a warning sign that these people are fake and might disappear with the amount. 

Also, when talking with them, did you find their queries pertinent and genuine? Did they reply to your questions with confidence and display knowledge about the process of moving goods? These fine details should definitely help you decide which mover is reliable and otherwise.

Lastly, do ensure that your moving company has a specific registered address. This should not be a residential address. It is also important that your moving company not have multiple names and addresses listed against it. 


Before zeroing in on one moving company, compare the pricing quoted by all those you have contacted and ask for details about the price breakup. This will enable you to identify if any party is overcharging you. You must also be aware of what aspect of moving costs how much. Make a detailed comparison and select that one whose charges you find reasonable.

Follow the Rule of Threes: 

Always keep your options open till the last minute when you decide on a particular mover. Contact at least three prospective moving companies. If other ancillary entities like godown/warehouse owners for storage and insurance carriers are involved, contact three of these too. The more knowledge you have about cost and other details, the easier it will be to arrive at an informed decision.


You can easily verify the license details using online resources. A professional mover will not hesitate to share these with you.


Finally, read through all the clauses of any contract and other paperwork thoroughly, so you are not cheated. Also, look out for hidden fees.


These pointers are intended to help make the journey of finding a reliable mover a smooth and easy one for you. With OCD Moving Services, your moving experience will be a pleasant, memorable one without any glitches. The customers have voted the team the most reliable and trustworthy moving service in the Bay Area and San Francisco, which is a reason behind this. 

Customer satisfaction is at the core of the business, not merely our bottom line. It is what we strive for. So, if you are looking for a responsive, friendly, and reliable moving partner, look no further.

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