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The Most Effective Way to Reach Your Desired Destination- Ocd Moving Services

OCD Moving Services should be your first choice if you are looking for a 100% reliable and secure moving service company. The company has a team of 15 members who can assist you in moving locally or even moving out of the state. Customer satisfaction carries huge significance to this company. It ensures you complete safety by providing moving insurance to your valuable belongings. It is an eco-friendly company that reduces the amount of waste generated by the services and also utilizes various eco-friendly alternatives.

We not only provide you with commercial moving services but also provide home, local, and long-distance moving services. The company endeavors to deliver unmatchable quality in its services while being responsive and friendly to its customers. It believes in charging fair and competitive prices from its customers. It delivers a sure, stress-free, convenient experience to all its customers.


OCD Moving Services offers moving services to the cities located in the Bay Area like San Francisco, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Oakland, CA, Berkeley, CA, Alameda, CA, including the surrounding cities. The company can assist you with all kinds of moving sizes and moving types. Some other services of this company include packing and unpacking services, auto transport, getting rid of your unwanted furniture, recycling electronics and removal of equipment in the case of close-downs or replacements, and many more. 

We understand the issues you might face when relocating. It asserts to provide efficient relocation services and an overall positive experience. It has a team of trained, passionate, and diligent professionals who will surely make your moving experience worthwhile. The company has partnered with 5000 customers to provide a fast-moving and easy experience. The company has delivered over 4000 local moves and 1000 long-distance moves. It has 5-star ratings on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.


The company even offers a short-term storage facility for its customers. The team utilizes complementary shrink wraps and heavy-duty moving blankets for the protection of the items. Its other facilities include free loaner wardrobe use, free TV protection, free glass-fronted furniture protection, free shrinkwrap, and free use of heavy-duty blankets. It believes in handling the items with a great amount of responsibility and care. It aims to treat its customers like its family and build better relationships with them. 

OCD Moving Services comes to your rescue if you are stressed about the troubles while moving to a new location. It has been serving its customers for years, due to which it can provide you with excellent consultations. The consultations provided by this company are free of cost. It also guides you regarding the expenditure involved in the entire process and the preparations to be done for the same.


The company is expert and experienced in moving huge instruments like Pianos. It deeply understands and values your requirements and is always set to provide you with the support that you need in moving to a new location. You can let it handle the moving services while you celebrate and enjoy the time in your new homes. It works every day by pushing itself to be the best moving service provider in the Bay Area.

If you are considering changing your location soon, don’t hesitate to contact the team of OCD Moving Services. You can email or call the company by visiting the website. You can also request a quotation by filling out the form given on the website of the company.

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