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Types of Items Ocd Takes as a Part of Junk Removal Services

Junks are found almost everywhere. And, they become a huge problem to solve while you plan to move. You will love to have a new easy home without any junk. So, hiring a junk removal services company would seem to be the best option. 


OCD moving services can help you here with its extraordinary safe, affordable and comprehensive junk removing services. But before that, you must be aware of what all items OCD takes in its junk removal services. Let’s have a look at it. 


Construction and restoration projects generate this type of garbage. They often look big and cumbersome. A few examples include roof tiles, masonry, pipework, ceiling flakes, bitumen, timber, carpets, cement, and fill dust. 

As a part of its junk removal services, OCD collects construction junk like cement slabs, bricks, etc., from destruction and development detritus. We further put certain wastes in reuse for other work. For instance, they are commonly mixed with concrete and asphalt and smashed to form the foundation for roadbeds and walkways. You can use the leftover damaged wood plank as dimensional lumber. Also, you can break it down further for gardening and compost.


Electric gadgets, including PCs, scanners, computer components, media players, smartphones, Televisions, kitchen appliances, etc., generate electrical garbage or e-waste. Almost any residential or commercial item having electrical parts, as well as a power source or cell, falls into this category. 

E-waste contains and emits harmful chemicals that can badly affect the environment. Hence, you should take proper care of it and should not leave it bare on the soil. OCD’s junk removal services can help you in removing such wastes. 


Companies can best recycle such waste into valuable products. Examples of such garbage involve cardboard, glassware, paper, metals, plastics, tires, food and beverage jars, and various other items. However, you should mash these things to fit into the recycling basket easily.


Technically, OCD is not a donation center, but it provides junk removal services for charity items. We operate on the principle of distributing old items to those in need. Some of the most popular donation junks include furniture, home appliances, domestic wares, electronic devices, old mattresses, and other items. 

You can give us all of your unneeded belongings. We can take those and help the underprivileged. However, donation products should not be totally damaged. 


As a part of our junk removal services, we also accept household garbage. Household garbage is further divided into different categories. 


Liquid waste is commonly encountered in both industries and households. Some examples of this trash include dirty water, leftover detergents, organic solvents, etc. You can further divide these types of garbage into two categories: nonpoint & point source trash. The nonpoint ones are the natural liquid wastes. On the other hand, point source garbage is the artificial ones. 


Solid waste involves many materials from your home. You can further divide it into four categories:

Plastics: Pouches, bottles, buckets, cups, and a variety of other plastic objects present in your home make up the plastic garbage category. Though plastic is not recyclable, we can reuse it in various forms. Avoid mixing plastic garbage with the other types of waste. Instead, it must be isolated and deposited in a recycling facility.

Metal and tins: You can dispose of most of the metals. As a part of its junk removal services, OCD takes the metal items and forwards them to the recycling plants or companies. 

Glass and Ceramic: We take the glass and ceramics junk from your home and take it to the respective garbage department. 

Papers: Newspapers, cartons, packing materials, and other items come under this category. This form of trash is easily recyclable and reusable. 


Another sort of garbage commonly seen in homes, it all includes garden waste, food scraps, spoiled food, and dung. Microorganisms turn organic material into compost over time. Nevertheless, this does not indicate that you can throw them away anywhere. 

Organic waste produces methane in garbage dumps. So, you should not eliminate it with the regular trash. As a result, you should use a garden bag or a green skin box to deal with organic waste. You can also call it green wastes or yard wastes. In addition, it involves foliage, weed peelings, uprooted trees and twigs, vegetable waste,  grains, and paper items.

Thus, we at OCD, take this junk as a part of our junk removal services. For further information click at OCD Moving services

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