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Reasons to Hire a Professional for Moving a Piano

Even though pianos allow you to fill your house with lovely music at any time, they may also cause anxiety. When you are moving a piano, you may come across challenges of transporting such a massive instrument. You likely wouldn’t understand much about relocating a piano unless you have experience in moving one.

With such a magnificent piano in your home, you may wonder whether you should pay movers to relocate it for you or whether you should do it yourself. Let us look at a few factors that can resolve your doubts.


It is a mistake to believe that a piano is the same as any other piece of furniture in your home. After all, some people possess pianos but never use them. Instead, they utilize them as furniture decorations. However, when moving a piano it is unwise to handle it as if it were furniture.

Pianos weigh hundreds of kilos and include various parts, such as pedals, cables, and keys. When these parts are mistreated, they can break or get damaged, and repairing or replacing them is expensive. So, you should not consider pianos as furniture for these reasons. As a result, you should avoid attempting to move a piano on your own.


Experts in moving a piano have the necessary abilities and the necessary tools to transfer pianos safely. They have slide boards and piano handling equipment, making moving very large pianos from one location to another much easier. If you decide to move your piano by yourself without the necessary equipment, you risk injuring yourself or damaging your expensive musical instrument.

A skipping board alone could set you back some hundred dollars to acquire the necessary tools to perform the piano movement procedure more manageably. By choosing a competent piano shipping company, you may skip the agony. Such companies have the required vehicles and tools to assure the stability of your piano while in transit. You’ll need the assistance of experienced professionals whether you’re moving your piano within your house or from one location to another.


Physical spaces are an important design feature that allows pianos to produce their sounds. For example, certain pianos’ lower notes require longer and heavier strings, which takes up considerable physical space. As a result, pianos are constructed with irregular forms, and their weight is not distributed evenly on all edges.

This is especially true for some pianos, such as uprights. Here the weight is unequally distributed on the inside. As a result, moving a piano by yourself is not as simple as it may appear.


If you’re an inexperienced piano mover, there are chances you may damage the surroundings while moving a piano. You will destroy not only the piano but also the surrounding areas if this happens. Wall holes, flooring, scrapes, and scratches on the doors are all examples of common space damages.

As a result, restoration to damaged spaces might cost hundreds of dollars. Of course, you may wind up with much more serious damage, such as a snagged carpeting or a scooped wood floor. You don’t want to be in this situation, moving a piano with the help of an expert can save you from unnecessary costs.

Once you’ve arrived at your new house, you’ll want to relocate your piano to a location with low humidity and no temperature changes. These factors can harm the piano to become deformed and out of tune. Being too near to a fireplace, below a vent, or receiving direct sunlight from a window can all have a detrimental impact on your piano. Once your instrument is safely in its new location, you should have it tuned. While in transportation, the delicate internal workings may have moved.

Regardless of how far your piano you relocate, you will require expert assistance for moving a piano. You don’t want to be hurt, harm your piano or your surroundings, or get sued for causing harm to someone else’s possessions.

Thus, hiring a professional piano moving company for moving a piano isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must! You can take the help of OCD Moving Services and safely move your piano from a point to your desired location. 

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