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Bay Area Moving Company: Tips to Deal With a Last Minute Move

Moving somewhere is always fun and exciting. But while you are sure of all the things around you, packing is not. For whatever the reason must be, you couldn’t be able to do your packing. And now you’re constantly looking at your watch and estimating the minutes left for your shift. When you are working against time, you need some last-minute tips to help you out.

At such eleventh-hour decisions, thinking of smart helpers like the Bay Area moving company will be the best choice. Before you call them out for help, let’s check for these last-minute tips. 


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be completed at the last minute. But, instead of allowing your moving checklist to paralyze you, gear up and get to work. If you are looking for one of the best CA moving companies that can ensure a stress-free move,  companies like OCD can be the best bet. OCD is a preferred Bay Area moving company that is qualified to deal with unforeseen obstacles and make the move go much more smoothly. Even when you have a tight, moving target, they will manage to keep you on track.


The less you carry, the easier it is to handle. And when it comes to an emergency move, limited packing is the go-to factor. Remove things that you no longer want or need from each space, wardrobe, and cabinet in your home. Donate, or throw away the stuff you find worthless. 

Avoid the temptation to pack everything in terms of getting rid of it once you’re at your new place. Remove the garbage and recyclables. Dial a charitable organization if you want to contribute some of your furniture or other belongings. This method will also help you save room in the moving truck that your Bay Area Moving Company can help you with. Likewise, you can give your new home a clean, uncluttered appearance.


If you’re looking for quick tips on how to prepare for a move, bear in mind that suitable packing materials are a must to make your journey easier. You will spend less time contemplating how to cover your precious glass set if you have sufficient boxes, wraps, and tapes. Not to mention, your Bay Area Moving company can also assist you in this part. 


Put aside a small backpack and stock it with things you cannot afford to lose. There can be a lot of confusion when things are spread in the room. So, this backpack comes handy any time. 

It should include any prescriptions and important files. Use it for chargers, daily toiletries, and possibly a few pieces of garments. While this is something you can do even if you aren’t moving quickly, it is particularly crucial during a last-minute transfer, when things are likely to become more chaotic and frustrating. Try to carry out this process before the Bay Area Moving Company arrives at your place. That is because they may need your help in understanding what goes where.


When you’re packing in a rush, you should pay less attention to precision and more attention to just carrying everything into a box and putting it away. The aim is to get all of your belongings from your old home to your new one in one piece. And if a limited period prevents you from sorting things optimally or keeping an actual list of what’s bundled where, so be it. Alternatively, keep your expectations realistic and follow these smart packing techniques:


Don’t think about holding similar things together or giving each box a “theme.” Stock the beer glasses with the video games and the unused LED lights with the components of your filing cabinet. You can arrange it all in the new place when everything is loaded safely. It’s also fine to miss naming boxes. But, it is best not to forget to label the fragile items.


Simply arrange the boxes when you’re ready to fill them, to make your storage as clear and accessible as possible. When a box is full, seal it up, move it out of the room, and start over for the remaining things.


By packing your clothing as they are, you can save a bunch of time and crates. Keep dresser closets unchanged by simply removing each drawer and wrapping it in packing materials, or retain the entire dresser (as long as it isn’t too heavy to lift). Your Bay Area Moving Company can help you with smart tips to pack your clothes. 


Packing room by room is one of the best relocation tricks. You won’t land up unloading your bathroom accessories and things in your kitchen if you label your containers with room categories.


Moving is a big job, especially when it has to be done immediately. And, it’s perfectly acceptable to take on the support of friends or family. Having one or more helpers will aid you in staying focused and prioritizing. Perhaps it will help you to finish the work quickly. When you have another person or a team of people to accompany you, time-consuming chores like wrapping up your kitchen items and having things dropped off for charity become a lot easier. 

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance, but remember to express your gratitude. Order a meal or some beverages when they’re helping you, or prepare some pastries for your helpmates once you’ve moved in. But, when you have an efficient Bay Area Moving company, you do not have to worry about it. They will be your greatest support system as they have the skill sets to effectively use the smallest inch of the box.


One of the significant advantages of recruiting experienced CA movers is the assistance you can get when conditions are very tight. When you delegate your tasks to OCD moving services, you will be utterly free from any sort of confusion. They will take care to streamline your move at a reasonable cost. This includes sealing your precious paintings or even assisting you packing your beddings.

Stay focused and march towards achieving your goal. OCD moving services can help you with top-notch equipment. Known as one of the best movers in San Francisco, call us today before you get too late to move. 

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