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The Best Packing Material While Relocating

When making that move between different areas or cities, apart from a good moving-services company, your choice of packing material makes a world of difference. It decides whether your move is going to be chaotic and clutter-inducing or a smooth and seamless one. 

Choosing the right kind of packing materials, both in quality as well as quantity is of absolute importance. This is to avoid losses, breakage of goods. At the same time, they are being transported, and generally, just ensuring that all household items are accounted for between the beginning and end of the relocation process.

This article sheds light on some of the materials which are a must for moving house or office:


This is an absolute must-have packing material in your list, more so if there are fragile, easily breakable items. These need special care while packing so that they don’t move around and break while in motion. And honestly, who does not have delicate cutlery at home?

The way to correctly use bubble wrap is to cover all fragile items with it, the bubbles facing inwards and the smooth side outside – and then securing the wrap firmly with tape. It comes in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large.


Think of relocating, and the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes.  No moving trip is complete without these. They come in various sizes. It is usually advisable to use new boxes for every trip and not reuse the old ones. They might not support the weight of heavy stuff in them like books. Placing heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items like pillows in the larger ones helps with easier unpacking later.

Apart from regular cardboard boxes, specialty moving items like wardrobe and dish boxes are also available for specifically transporting clothing and kitchenware.


Packing tape, which is of good quality, even though it might be a little expensive, makes a world of difference in the moving process. You wouldn’t want all goods secured with tape to come off during transportation, would you? Less expensive tape might save you a buck or two, but there is a risk of boxes and items coming undone during the trip, which might lead to breakage and losses later on. Advisable to buy packing tape in bulk and from well-known brands.


Packing labels are another important aspect of the process of packing. You want to provide as much info as you can on each box or unit of packing. This is a packing material that often gets unnoticed but makes the entire process super easy and hassle-free. Upon reaching your destination, you may feel the need to unpack a few items more urgently and a little earlier than others. 

For instance, you would need toiletries and kitchenware on the same day of moving in. Hence, packing labels help you identify items for specific areas of the new home or office quickly and efficiently. You can also use different-colored marker pens for boxes for specific rooms.


Wondering why moving blanket is in our list of must-have packing material for moving? Between boxes, they add an extra layer of protection for the goods inside. It helps as a good cushioning against sudden brake impacts and jostling around on bumpy roads. You can also use moving blankets to cover all items inside the truck and on the bottom of the truck too. This would protect both the truck bottom surface as well as items placed over it from dust, dirt, etc.


Furniture covers are pads or covers to protect them while in transit. While mattress covers are more popularly known, there are also covers for couches and cloth chairs available.  Placing pads or covers over the furniture serves a dual purpose. It prevents the furniture from accumulating dirt and soil, particularly if you are transporting liquids too. These covers also add an extra layer of cushioning and protection to the furniture.


We do not emphasize the importance of straps or rope. But, using these is necessary for adequate and stable securing of all goods to be moved, particularly the bigger ones. If you do not carry out this properly, items will move around during transportation and may fall and break too. The straps or ropes should be sturdy enough to keep goods in place, even when there are shocks and bumps.


A toolset always comes in handy when relocating, and it is important always to have it by your side for emergency use. You may have a lot of items to open and pull apart at the beginning of the moving trip. However, you would need the same items packed properly. A toolset is also very useful in those rare instances where a nut or bolt comes undone, and you need to fix that urgently.

It is better to either carry the toolset in person or pack it last to be within reach all the time.


People sometimes prefer to wipe their furniture and other items before or after packing and storing them for transportation. So, it is wise to have cleaning supplies as part of the items being transported. Leaving behind a clean and tidy rental home will definitely ensure you get your deposit back. Trash bags are an important part of cleaning supplies and are of great use when disposing of junk material.


Few individuals realize the importance of this, but having a trash bin to go along with the trip is a great idea. This will help keep trash within the moving vehicle to a minimum, and it is very easy to do away with junk, if any, which is identified while unloading.

We hope that your process of moving has now been simplified, and you have a better idea of what to go with during this exciting albeit stressful little period. If you have any questions about packing material or moving, don’t hesitate to contact OCD Moving Services.

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