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Ocd Moving Services Was Chosen for 2019’s Best Movers in Oakland Award


No matter how prepared you are, moving will always be hard. It is an expensive, difficult, stressful, and downright overwhelming endeavor. However, with plenty of time and a good strategy, the moving process can become a bit smoother. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to plan the move in advance, you must take complete advantage. This will help you prepare for the move, know what to do and how to do it. With this, you will also be able to avoid making any rookie mistakes and take unnecessary risks. But how to do this? , OCD Moving Services



It doesn’t take a genius to know that the key to a successful move is proper planning. But how much exactly do you need to plan? And most importantly, when do you need to start? Now, you need to make sure that you have enough time to think out every little detail and consider all the aspects involved in the complicated process of relocation. We suggest that you start planning as soon as you get the news that you have to move. Depending on the case, relocation planning can take a month or even a year. There are multiple things to consider while deciding the amount of time you need to plan the move, including:

  • Distance – The farther you are moving, the more detailed planning is needed. If you are locating in a different country, you need to start creating the strategy as early as possible. There are several things to look into, like paperwork, and making sure that you take care of all the logistics in the previous place. So, if you are planning to move to a long distance, you need at least a few months before you can actually move.
  • Size – The next thing is the size of your house. If you have a big household, you will need more time to prepare everyone and everything for the relocation. However, if it’s just you, you will have fewer items to move and won’t take as much time. In this case, you can start preparing for a couple of weeks before the moving day. Also, you need to consider the complexity of moving. For example, do you have any specialty items that need to be moved? Are there any unusual obstacles that you can face while moving? Or do you need the help of moving services? It is important to clear out these before the big day.
  • Timing – There are certain peak seasons for the moving industry, usually from May to September. So, if you are planning to move during this time, you need to start preparing at least 3 to 4 months before. This is done because, at that time, moving services will be in high demand.


There are two important things to consider while preparing for the move – getting all the information on the new area and ensuring financial security. Here are the steps that you can take:

      1. The first step is to save money. The relocation process is costly, and the costs add up fast. For your financial comfort, you need to plan ahead so that you can cover all the costs without any difficulty. There are different expenses associated with the moving process, including:

  • Housing expenses (mortgage, rent, taxes, furnishings, utilities, etc.)
  • Moving expenses (renting a truck, hiring a packing service, buying materials for packaging, traveling to the new location, etc.)
  • Living expenses (food, medications, transportation, etc.)
  • Unforeseen emergencies

With so many costs, it is important to set aside a small amount of money from your paycheck at least one year of the move. This way, you can be confident regarding your relocation plan.

          2. The second step is to know the area. If you are moving to a new city, you need to figure out that the cost of living is so that you can get a ballpark figure of your expenses after the location. You also should check out the employment options in the region by researching career opportunities and the job market. Apart from this, you also need to put your paperwork in time. So, make sure to check the local laws. To prepare better for your new life, you should try getting familiar with the social practices and norms of your new community. 

               3. The third step is finding the right home. You need to plan ahead and check for the housing options in advance. Some people move into a temporary location first and then search for a place. While this can help you in checking out the neighborhood before buying, it is a lot of hassle. First, you will have to move all your stuff to a temporary lodging and then relocate after you have found your place. If you already know your new place, you can plan the move depending on the size, layout, and type of the house. 

If you are looking for renting or buying a place, you need to consider the type and size of the place that will suit your lifestyle. It must be close to your local place and should have local amenities, transportation options, etc. Also, make sure that the monthly rent of the place isn’t out of your budget.


Once you have all the required information, you can start creating the actual plan. Here is a checklist that will help create your relocation strategy. 

  • Declutter your home.
  • Make an inventory.
  • Decide if you want to hire a professional moving service or do it yourself. There are several moving services that you can go for. If you want the best movers in Oakland, you can go for the OCD moving services.
  • If you are using a professional service, look for an affordable and trustworthy mover.
  • Create a calendar.
  • Set up a budget.
  • Organize important documents.
  • Book the selected movers.
  • Cancel subscriptions and memberships.
  • Start packing.


Moving is a stressful and complicated process. But it is important to remember that you can get help. Hiring professional moving services can be heaven-found. At the OCD moving services, we try to make your life easier by helping you with packing and moving. We are 2019’ Best Movers in the Oakland awards. We have earned the title of the best home moving services in Oakland by being the best movers in OaklandSan Francisco Bay area, and El Sobrante.

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