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Make Your Move Easy: Tips to Assist Your San Francisco Movers

Packing and unpacking are the two tedious tasks when it comes to shifting home, especially in the San Francisco area. Every person who has gone through the stress while moving knows this feeling. The work doesn’t end when the movers and packers have unloaded your boxes in the new home. However, it begins. Breathing a sigh of relief is only possible once you unpack a heap of boxes around you. It requires unique skill sets to pack and unpack all the belongings and ensure their safety. That’s what OCD’s junk removal services are all about. 

The only solution for a stress-free move is through an “organized plan.” It creates the key to success in the above scenario. Hence, you could bid a farewell to the moving blues with some plentiful moving tips from San Francisco’s professional packers and movers.


Here are a few basic tips that can help you assist your moving services greatly:


Not every object is a useful item. Decide which are the serviceable ones and have a beneficiary usage. The first tip from San Francisco’s professional packing services, OCD Moving Services, is to know your requirements before packing up. In short, this implies to keep what is necessary for your daily use and discard the rest.

By doing so, it helps to decrease the load and pull away from the extras. The extra items will accumulate the stress of unpacking. A piece of advice here is to sell the extras to big-box stores such as Best Buy, who accept outdated appliances, and other devices for recycling purposes. Also, try junk removal services to get rid of the junk. Few include:

  • Donate 
  • Recycle 
  • Give it away for free
  • Dispose it – Follow the disposal instructions
  • Trash 

These above essentials can save you from messy unpacking. 

To declutter becomes essential, otherwise of which it is impractical to take every item from your home to the new location. However, OCD Moving Services provide the best of these services along with junk removal services


Junk Removal services are the process of removing unwanted items when planning to move out of the home. OCD Moving Services offer first-class eco-friendly junk removal services. The removal of extra junk and drastic climate changes are the two reasons for the launch of this system. They have several benefits along with a professional team to assist you in the journey. Protecting community, environment, health, and safety are the core benefits. OCD Moving Services are equipped with any type of junk removal and take care of everything at the lowest price guaranteed. 


An organized packing plan commences with a foolproof labeling system. It is the first step of packing, where you begin to make categories and label every box that you will load for shifting. OCD Moving Services state that all it requires is a sufficient amount of planning and organizing to drive things clear in your new home.

junk removal services


  1. Building different categories and separate boxes that are clothes, shoes, accessories, crockery, cutlery, and other similar ones. 
  2. Chart the new house map to identify which box should be kept in which room or part of the house. Assign each box a preferred spot in the home. 
  3. Decide which the most convenient labeling system is for you, including color tapes, markers, and stickers. You can name each of the boxes with either your room name or number, or use a different set of color tapes. Be consistent with your choice.


Be extremely smart while filling the items into the boxes that are loaded to the moving truck. Follow the reasonable box weight rule, which is 20-25 pounds per box, which an able-bodied person is capable of lifting. Avoid overloading for safe moving. The risk of back injuries is the most common moving mishaps. It can lead to injuries, which are the last thing you want happening while moving.

Using bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, blankets, and soft toys for your children to fill the extra spaces in the boxes will even out the weight and bring in balance. Place the bulky items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes. They are special boxes that come along with rods that allow you to hang your clothes inside the box to keep them wrinkle-free. Use some clothing to pad delicate or fragile items to prevent them from getting damaged. 


The order of loading the boxes into the truck for moving is crucial. Think about smart loading. If the truck is loaded in the order of requirements from first to last, unloading becomes easier and is done in an organized manner. For instance, if you put the kitchen boxes on the truck last, you may begin to unpack them while the movers continue unloading other boxes, as food is the priority. 


Season, weather, the days of the week, and the traffic are surely on top of the list for choosing the right day to shift. Picking the right day will ensure smooth and hassle-free moving. 

Therefore, staying organized is the number one tip for OCD Moving Services. Keep all the related items, use junk removal services, tape cords to devices, and appliances, and pictures before you disconnect any wires. Go one room at a time, and don’t rush. Stick to a plan that will reduce your stress while moving. Create a checklist and tick off every item as it gets unloaded from the truck. 


With guaranteed professional movers and highest quality moving equipment, OCD Moving Services are referred to as the best packers and movers in the San Francisco area. The intention is to provide the movers fast and easy moving services. Extra precautions are taken from the loading of the boxes to unloading.  

The website is remarkably simple to use and specifies its list of services starting from home, moving to commercial moving at feasible prices. They stand for responsibility towards society and the environment, along with a trusted client base.

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