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Checklist for Moving to Another Country

Moving overseas is exciting for all. So, if you get a chance to make a move overseas, plan carefully. It is easy to lose yourself in the excitement of moving to a place with a different language and culture. However, it is important to stay realistic. You need to work on creating a plan, organizing logistics, and gathering the determination and patience required for seeing through the journey. You have to make important decisions regarding what place to live, which home moving services Bay area to select, and others. Here, we have created a checklist for you that will help you move to another country:


Now, this is a basic one. You don’t want to move to another country without a job. Finding a job overseas is frustrating but possible. The change in customs, distance, etc. will create more hurdles. Fortunately, there are several ways through which you can find a job in another country. You can post on a job board, contact an international recruiter, get a remote role, or request a company transfer. For getting an international job, you can call a professional employment service or look at competitors in the new location.

You also have to learn about negotiating a job contract. Your new job will have a different cost of living. So, take a look at the average salaries for different companies and job positions. Your salary, currency changes, and living expenses should be specified beforehand. Also, make sure that you ask if they have a benefits package. Before signing on, ask about sick time, vacation days, and other coverage. You will have to get a work permit or visa, which can be a little hard to obtain. To simplify this process, make sure that you have all the required permits before you leave.


In some cases, you might have to take the whole family with you. You need to help your family members make a smooth transition, including your pets. If you have children, you need to look for a good school in your new locality. Do some homework on what type of school you want, state, international, or private. Taking a pet overseas has its own challenges. Contact the country’s consulate to ask about restrictions, vaccinations, quarantine, etc.


Once you know exactly when you are moving, you need to decide what things you will be taking with you. You want to know about how you can pack and ship your things. There are two ways you can transfer your goods internationally, sea and air. Transferring through the sea takes longer. You need to take time and cost into consideration while deciding the right option for you.

When you are moving to a different country, you have to scale down as much as possible. If you are making a permanent move, you have to include essential items, important documents, and things with sentimental values. Anything that is easily replaceable should be sold or donated before the move. Another major thing to consider before moving is your car. Do you want to ship your car or not? For this, you need to weigh the pros and cons of shipping your car and buying a new one. You need to take into account the associated moving costs. You might not need a car in your new country. If you have decided to bring your car with you, you can take quotes from port-to-port service movers. There are several home moving services in Bay area that you can pick.

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When you plan to move to another country, you need to take into account the effect a new environment will have. For some time, your everyday living matters will get a little more complicated. You need to take care of banking, healthcare, and other key aspects before moving. Also, you will be facing a major financial change because of new costs, wills, insurance, local and international taxes. It is important that you get all your accounting in check before making a move. Also, make copies of all the important documents. This includes your passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, and immunization records. You will need them, and your life will be much less stressful if you can access them easily.


Now that you are moving to a different country, you will be introduced to a new culture and a new way of life. Cultural shock is not something to be taken lightly. If you have an understanding of the culture of the new country, you will be better prepared for it. You need to make your home cozy, something that reminds you of home.


Moving to another country is going to cost you a lot of money. These costs include plane tickets, visa applications, housing, international shipments, and emergencies. You need to research the cost of living and the exchange rate in your new home. Then, come up with a monthly budget plan. Keep some money aside for emergencies as well. The chances are that you will be paying several unanticipated costs in the first few months. You must have a minimum of six months worth of savings when moving abroad.


You should keep your current bank account for making direct payments for outstanding loans or any ongoing bills. Also, it will help in maintaining your credit score. You have to inform your bank as well as the credit card company regarding your travel dates. Try to get an international credit card to avoid foreign transaction fees. Research about the banks in your new locality and find out what documents you will need for setting up a savings or checking account.


You are moving to another country. The chances are that you won’t be seeing your friends and relatives for a long time. So, you need to have one last hurrah to say goodbye to them. 

Moving to another country is a complicated and stressful experience. We can help make this process a little bit easier. We, OCD Moving services, are the home moving services Bay area. Through our services of unpacking and transportation, you will be able to get settled in without any moving issues.

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