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Hiring Long-Distance Movers? Here’s How to Plan

There’s a lot that goes into planning a long-distance move. Planning a move, in general, can take time, and it can be stressful. When you’re planning a long-distance move, it can make the process even harder. However, OCD Moving Services is your top CA moving service. The professionals at OCD Moving Services have been executing long-distance moves for years. OCD is a reliable Bay Area mover that will get you where you need to go, and safely. Our team has operated thousands of long-distance moves during our tenure. For that reason, we know what it takes to execute a successful long-distance move. If you’re planning a long-distance move soon, call OCD Moving Services. In the team time, keep reading for tips on how to make your long-distance move painless.


If you’re planning a long-distance move, it’s essential to get started early. Moving is a significant life event, especially when you’re moving a long distance. The best way to ensure your move goes smooth is to plan. Reach out to Bay Area moving services companies at least three months in advance. If you’re moving in the summer, moving companies often reach capacity. If you plan, you won’t have to find movers at the last minute. Also, you want to prepare, so you don’t forget anything important before you move.


When looking for a long-distance moving company, call around for estimates. With an in-home moving estimate, a mover will come to your home for a site survey. The moving company will take into account all of the items you plan to move. In-home estimates allow your moving service in the Bay Area to give you an accurate price for your move.

Additionally, you can get a feel for the Bay Area moving company you are considering. If the moving company you’re speaking with doesn’t perform an in-home survey, be wary. You may be speaking with a move breaker rather than a moving company. Move brokers only book your business, then contract your move to a long-distance mover. Working through a broker can cause additional issues for you down the road because you have a middleman. Make sure you do your research and find a reliable Bay Area mover.


 Before hiring a long-distance mover, make sure you do your research. Not all Bay Area moving companies are the same. You want to find a reliable Bay Area moving services company. It’s a good idea to research your mover to make sure they’re a high-quality company. You can check online sites such as:

For long-distance moves, it’s a good idea to move with a company that has excellent reviews.


 When you’re moving long-distance, movers will determine the cost of your move by the weight of the items you ship. If you ship more, you end up paying more. It’s always a good idea to take the time to go through your belongings. Decide what you still use and then what you want to throw away or donate. You can separate your unwanted items into three piles:

  • Items for a garage sale
  • Things you wish to donate
  • Stuff you want to sell online via Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List

You can consider holding a garage sale before you move. Also, you can donate items to the Salvation Army. Consider which items you will no longer need. If you’re moving to a state with hotter climates, you don’t need to move your snowblower.


Another good thing to do when moving long-distance is plan where you want your furniture to go. You want to make sure all of the furniture you have now will fit into your new place. If your new home is smaller than your current home, there’s a chance everything will feel crowded. It’s a good idea to plan what items will go into each room. If you don’t have a place for some things, consider getting rid of them.

Additionally, you’ll want to plan accordingly for any large or oversized items when moving long-distance. Make sure furniture can fit through the stairwells and around any tight corners. For example, king-size beds will often not fit upstairs in older homes.


If you are doing the packing for your long-distance move, make sure you are labeling boxes correctly. Write on the outside of each box and list the items that are inside. Also, make sure you mark what room each box should go in. Your CA moving service will appreciate you clearly labeling boxes. Markings such as “dining room” or “kids’ bedroom” will make placing items easier for your long-distance movers. Also, listing the item contents on the box will be a lifesaver when you’re unpacking.


When attempting to settle into a new place, it’s essential to take time to get to know your new home. One of the hardest parts of a long-distance move is your new city doesn’t feel like home. After you move, you may not know anyone in your new town. Also, you probably don’t know what your favorite restaurants are. It’s important to push yourself to get out and experience your new home. Yelp can be a helpful resource for finding the best restaurants in town. If you’re single, you may want to consider joining a club to meet new people. You can get involved with running groups, book clubs, dining clubs, and more. Taking the time to get to know your new home will help the new city quickly feel like home.


If you’re looking for a reliable Bay Area moving services company, call OCD Moving Services. The professional long-distance movers at OCD have years of experience executing long-distance moves for clients. You won’t ever have to worry about your items being unsafe in the hands of the professionals at OCD.

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