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Get Organized Before Your Commercial Movers Arrive

When preparing for an office move, it’s essential to get organized before your commercial movers arrive. OCD Moving Services has been helping small, and large businesses move offices for years. Our experience provides us with the knowledge necessary to help you get organized for your office move. Before your commercial movers arrive, there are several things you should do to get organized. Moving your business to a new location requires several steps.

Most importantly, commercial moves require careful planning and preparation. Similar to planning any large project, it’s helpful to delegate the workload. Also, starting the process early can make your office move much smoother. One of the most useful things to do when preparing to move offices is to hire commercial movers. When you’re operating a business, time is money. Therefore, why spend money moving when you can source it out to a CA moving services company?


Before your commercial movers arrive, you need a moving timeline. Hiring a reputable Bay Area moving services company will help you with your move. However, before your commercial movers arrive, you need to get organized. Create a schedule that includes all of the necessary stages of your move. To ensure you can handle the timeline, discuss your plan with all involved team members. Also, make sure you take into account exactly how much time you will need. If you work in a small office, you may need at least three hours to prepare. However, a medium to large office may need to plan for six to eight months or more. The critical part is to start as early as possible before your commercial movers arrive.


Another thing you should do before moving is collecting all available information on the new space. If you can, get blueprints or a floor layout so you can identify key components of your new office. Items of which you will want to take note include:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Storage space

Once you know the layout of your space, you can begin designing. Having a sense of what furniture you will need and where it will go will help your commercial movers. If there are areas in your current office that don’t work, you can change it up in your new space. Identify the spaces that need reworking ahead of time, so you don’t have those problems in your new area.


If you work in a medium or large office, appoint someone from each department to your moving team. Having people to help you with the move will help immensely before hiring commercial movers. If you work in a smaller office, you may want to handle the move on your own. However, you can still identify a few key people who can help you coordinate the move. Also, your moving team can assist in identifying current issues with the old space. Your moving team can also help you find possible solutions for the new office. Putting together a moving team is a great way to incorporate other viewpoints and achieve consensus on the move.


Once you have your moving team together, plan to hold several meetings. During these meetings, you can discuss the move and its progress with all employees. It will be essential to inform everyone and make sure you address concerns and comments. Moving offices can often be stressful for everyone. Additionally, moving offices can be even more stressful if you don’t inform everyone.


Determining your moving budget is essential when planning a commercial move. You should identify costs before you hire commercial movers. You should evaluate your budget before you even pack your first box.


Once you have your moving team, create a list of tasks for them to complete. Make sure you add your critical tasks to the timeline/schedule. Ask each department supervisor what they need from their area for the move. Depending on the department, some people may need specialty service providers. Also, you want to make sure that you cover common areas. Take into consideration what you need for the reception area, lobby, and storage spaces.


Hiring reputable commercial movers is one of the most important tasks of moving your office. Many companies, such as OCD Moving Services, specialize in office moves. With commercial movers, it’s essential to make sure your commercial movers are reliable. You want to make sure you receive the best service for what you’re paying. Before hiring commercial movers, you should:

  • Do your research
  • Ask the right questions
  • Have the commercial movers come to your office to assess your move

You can have one person on your moving team research commercial movers. The person should call specific companies and then compare notes. Make sure to start early so you can get the best price to fit your needs.


Having a contact list will help ensure that everyone you do business with knows you’re moving. You should assign this task to one person to oversee and prevent contacts from falling through the cracks. It’s imperative that you notify customers and clients about your new location. You also want to make sure your customers know your business will operate during the move. Communicating relevant information about your progress is essential to ensure your customers don’t get their services elsewhere.


If you’re planning a commercial move, consider OCD Moving Services. The professionals at OCD Moving Services have been handling commercial moves for years. OCD Moving Services has successfully moved both small and large businesses. Hiring reputable commercial movers is essential for planning a successful move. OCD Moving Services offers free quotes to new customers. If you’re planning a commercial move, call OCD Moving Services today. You can find out more at www.ocdmovingservices.net

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