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Tips For Packing Up Your Kitchen

When preparing for a local or long-distance move, packing up a kitchen is sometimes the most dreaded part. With all the dishes, appliances, and other items stored in cabinets and on shelves, it can be overwhelming to pack. Also, you don’t want to rush through packing up your kitchen for a local move. If you aren’t careful, you can risk coming home to broken dishes and shattered wine glasses. When looking for a Bay Area moving company, you may want to find one that offers packing services as well. OCD Moving Services has been helping families move in the Bay Area for over five years. Our professional movers have experience in packing up dishes and other glassware carefully and efficiently. However, if you decide to pack up your dishes yourself, there are mistakes you can avoid.


Appliances are arguably one of the bulkiest of kitchen items to pack. If you still have the original packaging that your appliances came in, use those. Otherwise, you can use medium-sized 100 percent recyclable heavy-duty boxes. Before packing appliances, make sure each device is clean and dry. If the appliances come with smaller parts or fragile items, remove those first. Next, find the owners’ manual and tape it to the front of the device. Having the manual handy will make assembly easier when you arrive at your new home. Then, wrap the delicate pieces in newspaper or packing paper. To keep the delicate parts extra safe, you can use old towels to wrap them in. Place the appliance in the box first, and then add the lighter, smaller pieces on top. Fill in any empty spaces in the box with other paper or towels.


You don’t want to end up with broken dishes after your long-distance move. One missing or broken bowl or plate will often lead to the need for a whole new set. You’re already paying for your long-distance move; don’t tack on the cost of new dishes, too. There’s no need to wrap each dish in tons of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is terrible for the environment. Below are tips for efficiently packing dishes for your long-distance move, so they arrive undamaged.


The best way to pack dishes is by wrapping each plate and stacking them vertically in a box. If there’s excess space in the box, fill it with socks, towels, or other soft material. By removing any open space in the box, you’ll ensure the dishes remain secure.


Have you ever heard of packing dishes in orange paint buckets, like the ones you can find at Home Depot? Well, it works! Wrap each one and stack them on top of one another in the bucket. The bucket will keep them sturdy and secure, and they won’t bounce around much. Also, there’s no risk of the bottom breaking open.


An eco-friendly way to pack your dishes for your local home move is using clothes and towels. Bubble wrap is wasteful and expensive. You can wrap each dish in a towel or tee, and stuff the moving boxes with rags to secure the dishes in place. To pack wine glasses and stemware, you can use your socks to wrap each one individually. After your local move and you’re unpacking, make sure you’re careful when removing the glasses from the socks.


It’s a pain to sort through loose silverware when packing and unpacking after a local move. If you’re packing loose silverware in a box with other items, you run the risk of damaging those additional items. To secure them in place, wrap each type of cutlery with a rubber band or piece of string. Then, place all silverware in a shoebox and tape the box closed.


It can be tricky finding the right box to pack your pots and pans when preparing for your local move. Grab your biggest pan when finding a box and see if it fits horizontally and diagonally. If you can close the lid shut, the box will work. However, you might need to find a bigger box if it doesn’t close. After you find the right size, stack your pots and pans and place them in the box. Pack the pots and pans separately from their glass lids. Then, wrap the tops (old tees or towels work best) and place them underneath the handles of the pans.


If you are taking food to your new home, make sure the items don’t need to be refrigerated. However, if there are refrigerated items you’re taking, use a cooler. Packing for a local move is a great time to clear out your pantry. Go through any items and toss out spices and other ingredients that are expired. For food that isn’t expired but you don’t want to take with you, donate it to a local food bank.


You will inevitably have other kitchen items you need to pack but don’t where to put them. To save on boxes, wrap your kitchen utensils with a single towel. Once you wrap them, tuck them into other boxes to fill up unused space. If you’re packing more substantial items, use a small packing box.

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