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How To Pack For Your Long-Distance Move

Packing for an extended vacation can be hard, but packing for a long-distance move? That kind of packing is even harder. Before you get started, we have some tips to make your preparation a bit easier. First and foremost, before packing you should get your to-do list in order. If you start packing without a plan, it will only cause you more stress. Before you begin packing you should take an inventory of your items. Is there any furniture you don’t want to take on your long-distance move? Do you have any old, unworking electronics you wish to dispose of in an eco-friendly way? Having a good idea of what you’ll be taking with you will help you pack more efficiently.

Now that you’re ready to pack let’s move. Read on for tips to help you efficiently pack for your long-distance move.


Like we mentioned above, preparing for a long-distance move gives you the perfect opportunity to downsize your belongings. Before you pack, take a survey of all of your belongings in each room. Make a list of the items you want to keep, sell, donate, or recycle. If you have things to recycle, make sure you work with a long-distance moving company that offers junk removal services. OCD Moving Services does their part to preserve the environment. They offer junk removal services to dispose of your unwanted home appliances and electronics in an eco-friendly way. The more items you plan to take with you, the heavier the total weight of your shipment will be. Prepare to pack only the things that will be useful to you soon and sell, donate, or recycle the rest.


It’s best to leave the furniture packing to the pros, aka your long-distance moving company. Professional long-distance movers are skilled at handling heavy and antique furniture. However, there are smaller items you can safely pack on your own. First, get your furniture ready for the long-distance move by emptying, cleaning, and disassembling them as far as you can. If any items are too heavy for you to handle, leave it to your long-distance moving company. A long-distance move isn’t worth a broken back or strained shoulder.


By packing early, you’ll save yourself a ton of stress when it’s time for your long-distance move. As soon as your long-distance move is confirmed, start sorting through your items. Make sure you have a clear plan of action in your head when you start packing. If it helps, write out the things you plan to pack and what you plan to donate or sell in a garage sale. Storage areas in our homes are usually the hardest ones to tackle. We forget how many small items we toss in a “junk drawer,” or in our linen closet. Addressing the storage areas first can save you much time in the long run.


If your professional home moving company isn’t doing the packing for you, make sure you’re carefully packing your items. Practicing safe packing is essential when planning for a long-distance move because your items will be on the road longer. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when packing for your long-distance move.

–    Tape the bottom and sides of each 100 percent recyclable cardboard box before packing

–    Place several sheets of newspaper, or towels, on the bottom of the box before packing fragile items

–    Fill in any spaces inside the box once it’s been packed to help prevent your items from shifting.

–    Label boxes with breakables, marking “fragile,” “this side up,” or “handle with care.”


When you’re packing for a long-distance move, don’t place items you’ll need right away on the moving truck. Keep personal things such as your driver’s license, social security card, passport, and birth certificate with you. Additionally, if you’ll need items such as recent bank statements or tax returns, make sure you pack those as well. Essentially, don’t pack things you’ll immediately need once you get to your new home. Your moving truck will usually arrive a couple of days after you do. Make sure you pack a small box or bag of items you’ll need right away, including:

–    Clothes

–    Sleeping items

–    Hygiene products

–    Anything else you need daily

Pack these items first and mark the box, so it doesn’t end up on the moving truck.


In general, your long-distance moving company will not pack perishable items such as food. There’s a good reason for not packing food onto a moving truck. Food can attract unwanted visitors, such as bugs, and you don’t want those in your belongings. Even well-sealed containers of liquid might open during the long-distance move. You don’t want anything spilling over your items during your move.


Once you’re so involved in packing for your long-distance move, you might start to get a little lazy. However, don’t skimp out on being very detailed when labeling your boxes. While it’s helpful to label the boxes based on room, you’ll want to know what’s inside the boxes. Include a new label that indicates what’s inside the box. Doing so will save you time when unpacking. Additionally, you won’t’ have to scramble for your most-used items when you get to your new home.


Are you planning a long-distance Bay Area move soon? OCD Moving Services is your top-rated home moving services company in Northern California. We have over five years of experience executing long-distance moves for our clients. Our goal is to make your move as seamless as possible. Moving should be an exciting experience, and we want to make it as easy for you as we can. We are a full-service moving company that can help you with all your moving needs. Our customer satisfaction rate sets us apart from any other local moving company in Northern California. We know the challenges of planning a long-distance move, and we’re here to help. Call OCD Moving Services today for a free quote!

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