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Can Local Movers Move Everything?

Before planning your local home move, there’s a lot to consider. From hiring professional movers to figuring out how to pack – moving can be stressful! You’re also saying goodbye to friends and getting your kids signed up for a new school. Also, you’re probably getting rid of items you don’t want to take with you on the move. When contemplating whether to hire local Bay Area movers, you might be wondering what home movers can’t move for you. Thinking about what local home movers can’t move is not often something that comes to mind. However, it’s essential to know what local moving companies can and can’t move. Having information on what your local moving company can’t move will help you avoid any confusion.

OCD Moving Services has your tips on what moving companies cannot move for you.


Local moving companies cannot transport hazardous items for you. If you have hazardous items and don’t know how to dispose of them, OCD Moving Services can help. Hazardous items are typically those that are considered explosive, flammable, or corrosive. Below is a list of common things that local moving companies won’t allow. Note: this is not an exhaustive list. Check with your local moving company before packing materials that may be hazardous.

–    Fire extinguisher

–    Nail polish remover

–    Paint thinner

–    Aerosols

–    Gasoline

–    Car batteries

–    Charcoal

–    Lighter fluid for charcoal

–    Cleaning solutions

–    Fertilizer

–    Lamp oil

–    Paints

–    Pesticides

–    Liquid bleach

–    Loaded guns

–    Matches

–    Motor oil

–    Nail polish

–    Pool chemicals

–    SCUBA tanks

–    Weed killer


Your long-distance moving company will not transport any fresh, frozen, or refrigerated foods. However, if your move will take less than 24 hours, your moving company may allow some perishables. Make sure you properly pack your perishables before your local moving company arrives. Here is a list of perishable items:

–    Frozen food

–    Open food products

–    Food that needs to be in a refrigerator

–    Produce

–    Plants, including indoor plants


Your local moving company may not want to transport items that are personal or sentimental. A local moving company may not want to move these items because there’s a risk of them getting lost or damaged. As the person who’s moving, you should keep these items under your control. Items such as medical records, financial documents, or school records can be challenging to replace. Also, sensitive electronics such as laptops can be hurt if you expose them to extreme temperatures in a moving van. Other items you can’t replace include jewelry, cash, and collections of personal videos. Below is a list of items that moving companies consider personal. This list is not exhaustive. Check with your local moving company before packing.

–    Car keys

–    Cash

–    Cell phones

–    Financial documents

–    Insurance policies

–    IRAs, deeds, tax records

–    Medical, dental records

–    Medicine


It may seem like a no-brainer, but your local moving company cannot transport your animals. To guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet, move them on your own. As a general rule, moving companies, including OCD Moving Services, don’t transport living things.


OCD Moving Services cannot move prescription drugs or medications. It is for your benefit that your moving company does not move these items. If there’s an emergency where you need your medication, you’ll want to access them immediately.


Just in case it crosses your mind, your local moving company cannot move people. We know, moving Uncle Ted might be an annoying task, but we can’t do it for you.  


While it also sounds like a no-brainer, you should not pack items that could be illegal. Things that your local moving company will not handle include items such as firearms, fireworks, cash, or drugs.


The list of things your local moving company won’t move also includes power equipment with fuel in the tank. Power equipment can consist of:

–    Motorcycles

–    Lawnmowers

–    Weed Eaters

–    And more

Before your Bay Area home moving company will move these items, you must drain the fuel. Another way to remove the fuel is to run the item(s) until the fuel tank is empty. Be sure to empty the fuel at least 24 hours before your local moving services company arrives.


Just in case you were wondering, your local moving company cannot move explosives for you. Explosives can include ammunition, black powder, primers, propellants, or even souvenir explosives you may have.


As a note, when moving refrigerators, make sure they are empty. Also, at least 24 hours before moving, keep your refrigerators and freezers open. You will also want to keep open doors for any other appliances you’re planning to move. Holding doors open allows appliances to dry out and prevents mold from growing.


Each professional home moving company has their list of items they will not move. You can get a detailed list of non-allowable things by calling OCD Moving Services. Some of the items local moving companies won’t move are illegal to move. Therefore, it’s not just about moving companies being too cautious – they’re also being professional and abiding by the law. You want to work with a home moving company that follows the law. Don’t forget to ask your professional moving company for their full list of restricted items. You should request this list early in your preparation to avoid losing precious time later on.

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