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10 Tips For Moving With Pets

Planning a long-distance move can be one of the most stressful life events. Moving takes a toll on you and your entire family, including your pets. When planning your long-distance move, OCD Moving Services encourages you to plan accordingly for your animals. Read on for tips on how to care for your pets properly during your long-distance move.  


Before you pick out your new home and apartment, make sure it’s one your pets will love. Visit your new home and inspect the surrounding neighborhood to determine whether it seems safe for your pets. For those moving with a dog, see if there’s a dog park nearby. If you’re moving with an outdoor cat, ensure your home has secure outdoor space for your cat to roam. Also, the amount of room that cats and dogs need in a home differs.

  • Felines enjoy having furniture on which they can climb. So, for instance, you might want to consider having enough space to build furniture upward in your new home.
  • Dogs do their bathroom business outside. For that reason, your home should contain a convenient way for them to exit and enter. Also, a house without a yard could be difficult for a young dog.


Preparation is essential when taking your pets on your long-distance move. Just as you’ll want to make sure you pack all your necessities, pack your pets’ essentials, too. Pack your pet’s items in a separate bag that’s clearly labeled. You’ll want to be able to access these items quickly once you’re in your new home. Pet items to consider bringing on your long-distance move with you include:

  • Dog waste bags
  • New, or old, favorite toys
  • Medical records
  • Any medication, including flea medication
  • Pet shampoo
  • A treat for your dog to chew on such as rawhide bones
  • Pet clothes if you’re moving somewhere with colder temperatures
  • Leash and harness
  • Cat litter box and scoop
  • A crate or carrier for your dog or cat
  • Blankets
  • Water bowls
  • Plenty of extra water for your pets
  • Cat or dog food (if you’re bringing wet food, bring a cooler to keep it fresh)
  • Dog or cat beds


When getting your cat ready for the move, start getting it comfortable to enter its carrier or crate. You can do this by leaving treats or a favorite blanket in the box or carrier. Let your cat have some time alone in the carrier to get used to it.


It’s possible that your dog likes its crate and finds comfort in it. Dogs enjoy being in confined spaces. So, hopefully taking your dog on your long-distance move won’t be too uncomfortable for him or her. However, it’s still a good idea to prepare them for the long-distance move. Dogs define environments by how they smell. If you can, take your dog to your new home ahead of the long-distance move. Having your pet visit the new home will introduce them to their new environment.


You might already know this if you have a cat, but they aren’t big fans of change. Cats will take some time to adjust to the moving process. Once they start seeing boxes and other unfamiliar items build up, they’ll get scared. Mitigate your animals’ discomfort at the sight of moving boxes by bringing them in early. As soon as you hire your California long-distance moving company, get heavy duty 100 percent recyclable moving boxes from them. You can also keep your animal friends comfortable by having them stay in a familiar room during the move. Then, pack up that room that they’ve been staying in last.


When moving day’s here and your Bay Area long-distance moving company arrives, keep your pets in a quiet room. Moving day will involve lots of open doors as your long-distance moving company will need to be going in and out. Make sure your pets don’t plan an escape by keeping them in a quiet, enclosed space. You can also keep your pets at a friend’s house.

Keeping your pet at a friend’s house will ensure they don’t get scared and try to run away. With the help of a professional Bay Area moving company, you’ll have time to keep an eye on your pets. Leave the work to OCD Moving Services and take your dog on a walk during the move. If your cat enjoys the outdoors, spend some time with them in your yard. Allowing your pets to spend time in their favorite places will give them some final moments with their old home.


So you’ve hired your long-distance movers and started packing. Your belongings might be prepared for the move, but are your pets? Unless your pets have spent much time in crates or cars, the car ride will be stressful. Here are some tips to help your pets prepare for the car ride during your long-distance move.

  • As we mentioned above, get your pets acclimated to their crates. You can do this by leaving the crates open and placing treats or food inside. Alternatively, try placing them in the crates and carrying them around the house.
  • Also, you can also put them in their crates and take them for a short drive.
  • Help your pets develop a positive relationship with the crate by including the crate in playtime or treat time.

Taking these small steps will make your long-distance move more comfortable and less stressful for your furry family members.


Once you’ve moved into your new home, try and keep your pets’ routine as consistent as possible. Make sure you keep feeding and walk times the same as they were at your previous home. Also, stick to the same rules and boundaries your pets know. If they couldn’t sit on the couch in your old home, don’t let them do that in your new home. Even if your long-distance move has you changing time zones, stick to the same routine.

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