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Moving Tips For Bay Area Seniors

No matter how old you are, moving is never an easy task. However, for seniors, the task of moving can be even more difficult. If you’re a senior moving in the Bay Area, you should first hire a professional moving company. A local Bay Area moving company will make the moving process much more comfortable for all involved. Remember, when you’re planning a local move, it isn’t just a one-day event. Planning a local move is a process. If you’re planning a move during your golden years, read on for tips to make it a more enjoyable process.


Having a plan goes for anyone making a local Bay Area move. If you want the moving process to go smoothly, it’s essential to have a proper plan in place. Part of having a plan in place is hiring a professional Bay Area moving services company. You also want to make sure you prepare by gathering the proper packing materials. Before your big moving day, make sure to make all the necessary arrangements. If you have pets, make sure they have somewhere to stay during the move. For any loved ones you take care of, make sure they’re all set too. Having a plan for your local move in place will significantly help when it comes to moving day. One of the first steps in your moving procedure is to hire a professional moving company. By finding professional movers early on, you will have extra help and support in ensuring a successful moving day.


It’s never too early to begin downsizing when planning a local Bay Area move. Once you’re in your golden years, it’s likely you have accumulated a lot more stuff. Maybe you want to hand off that punch bowl set to your granddaughter? Alternatively, perhaps your son just moved into a new house and could use that extra set of chairs. Whatever you can get rid of, get rid of it before moving day. You will make the process easier on your moving company if they only move what you’re taking. Also, if you are looking to dispose of electronics, your local moving company can help with that too. OCD Moving Services is a full-service local moving company that also offers junk removal services. The Bay Area moving company’s junk removal service allows you to dispose of your unwanted electronics in an eco-friendly manner.


Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you need to do everything all at once. Making a to-do list will make your move much more manageable. You can make your to-do list even simpler by breaking it down into tasks. Rather than putting “pack up the closet” on your to-do list, you might consider starting with T-shirts. From there, you can add a line for jackets, sweaters, and so on. By starting little, you’ll accomplish more in a more leisurely, stress-free way.


When we’re planning a move during our golden years, chances are we might be downsizing our entire home. Why do you need a five-bedroom house still when all of your kids are grown and live on their own? If you’re moving to a significantly smaller space, you will want to plan ahead of time. It will be ideal if you know the size of your new home. That way, you’ll know how much you need to downsize. However, if you’re moving into a bigger house, you’ll need to take note of furniture to buy. If you can, visit your new place ahead of time and map out your furniture placement. Knowing ahead of time where your furniture will go will make it much easier on your local movers, and you.


When packing, make a list of items that are important to you. You’ll want to make sure you pack these items carefully. For those items that you like but don’t often use, consider getting rid of those.


In our golden years, one of our most valuable assets is our memories. Make sure to pack your pictures, home videos, and any other memories carefully. If you have home videos, you will want to pack those in the car with you. Packing them on the moving truck can lead to possible damage due to heat. Some items hold a sentimental value to you, and you want to keep those items safe.

Reach out to friends and family

Moving is hard, but your friends and family are there to help you. When you start packing, it could be fun to invite your kids or siblings over. After you determine what you’re getting rid of, see if one of your kids would like to have it instead. Often, passing items down rather than getting rid of them helps keep memories alive. You might be moving out of a home you’ve been in for years. If so, it will also be nice to have the family over one last time.


Moving can be a very stressful experience, both mentally and physically. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family members for support.


When it comes time for your local move, make sure you are ready. Before your local moving company arrives, make sure to pack everything. Also, you’ll want to keep the boxes and items you’re taking in your car nearby. The things that go into these boxes are personal items you want to have with you at all times. Individual items may include medical records, insurance papers, credit cards, driver’s license, and more. Once you move into your new place, you will appreciate having these items handy.

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