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Why Hire Packing Services to Help You Pack Before Moving?


  1. Observe each room
  2. Use professional packing services
  3. Pack one room at a time 
  4. Labeling the boxes correctly 
  5. Packing the truck in the order of heavy boxes on the bottom and…

Moving to another city or country is like a rite of passage for adults. You cannot call yourself an adult until you have suffered through the frustrating process of moving. The process tests your ability of decision-making, critical thinking, etc. 

While there are some things that you will have to take care of on your own, you can always hire packing services to help you with moving. You might think that spending money on packing and moving services is wastage. In this article, we will give you reasons on why you should pick up the phone and hire a professional packing service: 


Let’s be honest here and admit that packing is not something that you want to do. Apart from getting all the required packaging materials, you will have to box everything that you own. You might think that it doesn’t sound very daunting. But imagine how much effort heavy items will take. You wouldn’t want to do that and even if you try, you might end up doing a poor job. This makes your items vulnerable to damage while moving.


People who don’t hire packing services use whatever they can find for packing their stuff. This includes paper, odd boxes, and containers. Some of these materials might protect your possessions, while others can put them at risk. You don’t have the knowledge of the packing materials. This can cost you a lot. The best moving company has tons of experience in handling delicate items. They select the materials for packing, depending on your things. For example, delicate items like computer monitors and LCD television are packed using custom cartons for ensuring their safety. 


The best and the most obvious benefit of hiring a packing service is that you don’t have to waste hours on packing your stuff. This gives you more time to focus on other stuff. Moving is a big step that is accompanied by added responsibilities. Also, if you are working up until your working day, you will have even less time for packing. Handing over this responsibility will not only protect you from stress but also allow you to carry on with your everyday life. Hiring a packing service will help you use that personal time for other important things. This time can be used for hunting your new place, taking care of the logistics, and spend time with the family and friends you are leaving behind.


Apart from the packing materials, packing team also brings a team of trained and experienced workers. Dissembling your large furniture for easier and better packing is a child’s play for them. Not only will the whole packing process take less time, but it will also be more protected from damage. Also, the professional packing service will have the equipment to pack the most delicate and vulnerable items. This includes artwork, dishware, and any family heirlooms you possess. These are valuable and fragile items that require extra special, professional touch. 

The other thing that a professional packing service will be better at is in the organization of your stuff. Without them, you will end up putting your possessions in an unorganized fashion. Even if you like to do things meticulously, you will be packing in stages since you are living in the house. This will become a nightmare for you when you open up the boxes at your new place. 

Using a professional packing service will help you in boxing up your belongings in a logical and organized manner. All the boxes will be labeled clearly. This will help you in finding an object when you need it at your new home. It also ensures a decreased risk of item loss during the move. Also, organizational packing from the best moving company will make the unpacking process easier.


All the packing services have a certain packing process. It mostly includes the following step:


The first step is sending out a surveyor who will observe each room and list every item that needs to be packed. This will help decide the cost of the whole packing process. All the valuable items like jewelry, paperwork, and artwork will have to be handled separately. Usually, the company packs it and sets it aside for you to take it.


Once you have decided on the packing service and all the legal work has been taken care of, the process begins. All the big items like furniture will be taken apart and packed. According to the room, your stuff will be sorted and labeled. In most cases, the whole process doesn’t take more than one day.


To make the packing process organizational, it will be done one room at a time. For example, all the kitchen items will be packed at the same time and together. Your closet items will include all your clothes, shoes, etc. The bathroom box will have all the bathroom necessities. This will help you in unpacking as you will have an exact idea of where everything is.


It is very important to label the boxes correctly. You don’t want to be vague. Everything should be precise. For example, the packing service will not write kitchen items on the boxes. They will specify whether it contains utensils, spices, etc. This will help you in setting priorities for opening the boxes. All the survival items should be labeled so.


While packing all the stuff in the truck, it is important to make the most of the available space. All the heavy boxes need to go on the bottom. All the light items and the ones most vulnerable to damage should be placed on top. 

If you are still not sure if you want to use a packing service, contact our team at the OCD moving services and discuss your situation. We provide the best packing and moving services for the Bay Area movers. We ensure that all the items are packed and loaded into the moving truck properly. We use the same care for unloading as well. Moving to a different city is tricky and it is best to let the professionals take over. So, if you are planning on moving, get a quote from OCD moving services for free.

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